Something Of Anything And Nothing Of Everything

Once you reach a certain age your already dead, a living zombie waiting for your body to decay

It may be time to close this chapter soon,

my hands feeling heavy my wrists feeling achy

and my pens almost dried

Love seems so far, I watch it as I pass by,

on the street, TV, the window of a restaurant through the glass,

And if I stare long enough I see it flicker,

as he stares out of fear trying to intimidate me.

Hey mister I say in my head,

is this the kind that lasts for a life

or will I pass by on another day or night

and see in the reflection of your iris another lady

Doesn’t feel like I have much going for me,
Sitting in a raft and the current is strong but I want to go up.
Nothing ever stops, the world keeps moving except the rock at bottom,
And I’m not there we all stay floating by nature so never give up

My soul has nothing to say, it doesn’t feel merry in the holidays, warm in reunion, its clueless to how it should be, so doesn’t act until the brain tells him, feels like the body only limits its existence, society limits his existence, to breath, see, feel things differently as if we were one, all the same

Oh my she wears Dr Martin’s and her dress is a little high for what I’d expect of royalty,

But all I can see is a princess, look at her elegance,

A princess is still a princess by any other name

She said I don’t call like I used to,

But am I suppose to?

After she said she doesn’t feel the same,

like this is one of those games where taking part is what counts,

So I have to wonder has she ever felt that way,

ever known the feeling? of non acceptance

and all that affection just building up will have to be drowned out in sorrow and washed away.

I doubt it, have you seen her? she’s probably never heard a no before

And every time I go to call, think of what to say I just get this feeling,

I don’t know, but it only gives me two choices,

One to throw everything away as if it was all a lie, she just an ugly bitch a sket why would I want her anyway

But I could never act that way,

Two, tell you I love you, give it a chance, give us a chance,

But the thought of you saying no is just to painful, I put down the phone

I guess that’s why I don’t call like I used to,

couldn’t you hear my words unspoken?

I’m at a silent war with myself and already everything has been said on how I should end it will love because that’s the only way to love myself

But then again in a split second everything has been disregarded, with the simple statement we are all different.

The dark has been my friend for so long,

I fear the unknown of brighter days to come,  

clipped wings never going to fly to high, looking at the sky,

I never thought about flying, until you did,

my mind stayed grounded by reality, you broke the boundaries,

realities just a prism of your thought capacities until someone shows you different,

that is, there is no limit 

'True Love' these days is a picture with a thousand lies,

That undermines the arguments and fights,

struggles and smiles, through hard times,

those who have found it have had in their lives.

I always post this but I love it that much

QUADRON - “EX -FACTOR” (by quadronMUSIC)

What does it mean to be beautiful if your not seen as attractive in the eyes of the one you want,
A flower is a flower by any other name,
But with beauty its just not the same.